Friday, June 6, 2008

Ask Big Z

Big Z fails to see why it is necessary for readers to email their questions, for Big Z is aware of all questions before they are even conceived. Thus, Big Z feels it is more efficient to answer all questions in advance.

Next Week, Becky Davis of Amarillo Texas writes…

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Special Announcement: Ask Big Z

Despite what the lack of posts may suggest, we here at Cubs Comic have been tirelessly working around the clock in order to make the Cubs Comic experience, the best damn experience on the web. Yes, we've been working on many things to improve the site. You have probably noticed the new character bios page. As if that, in it self, wasn't awesome enough, we are now ready to give you this little gem.

Got a question you need answered? Simply ask Big Z. Big Z knows all, and he wants to share his knowledge with you.

Send your question to and, if you're lucky, your question may appear in our new Ask Big Z advice column